Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nostalgia - Part 2

Yet another routine day in office.. Yet another day in which you ask your inner self what's it that you want to do... Well.. May never be able to offer an explanation to those..
Just as I picked up my laptop and typed out the url www.facebook.com.. my eyes were fixated on my diary... Been ages since I've penned down something.. In fact nothing since the last day of college..I picked it up.. Read the last bullshit that I'd scribbled down.. And then.. Re-read it.. My mind raced back in time.. So thought would just post it..

March 27th 2011..

No more will I pull myself out of bed and curse its 10:30 and just missed breakfast.. No more will I trek upto RN1 and look around for a seat in the last row.. No more will I look at the clock agonizingly and hope it moves its ass fast.. No more will there be cat calls and frolic during snack hours.. No more will we have those endless bakars all through the night.. No more,,,

I've always fathomed how unpredictable destiny's plot is.. leading people of varied culture and ambitions.. of distinct backgrounds.. into a pool of common thought, giving them an opportunity to explore a mystique environment, full of unadulterated fun.. a paradise called IIMS.. And before u could realize its been 2 years since the journey started.. And I bet none among the awesome 66 would have seen such a roller coaster ever in their lives..

From a personal stand point, I've never had an ambition in life.. Take it as it comes and make a killing when what u like exists is the way its always been.. But I knew, that the best of times were spent when u are flocked by buddies.. The only motivation for me to chuck a decent job and jump into the "Yippee.. I'm gonna be a college student again Bandwagon!".. And believe me.. Its been worth it.. And worth its weight in Gold (Yep!.. I am from Stud C and Money matters! :) ).. As experience would have taught, freshers would learn it after their interns..

There have been far too many moments which would eat up pages to list down.. Footsteps.. those Crazy QT classes!.. Saumya's "I have a dream" act.. Eco Lectures.. The Cherrapunji Trip.. Stud C selection.. The lush green golf lawns.. Chicken pox outbreaks.. Stuttering Interns.. Noisy Open houses.. RannBhoomis.. We We.. Footsteps again.. TMI Classes.. Typhoid Outbreaks.. Salsa and Dance classes.. Diwali Celebs.. The final placements.. Kopda cup.. Farewell.. Gagan getting placed finally. The joy and memories attached have been far too many.. The late night walks to the flagpost.. Sipping up Chai during breaks.. random late night bakars.. Addressing Juniors.. Well.. I'd bloody miss them all..

But something that I'd proudly take to my grave would be my being a part of DiG.. And the last DiG is still vivid.. Hugging each other and not wanting to let go.. How I wish time froze forever then.. Time doesn't pause for anyone.. But then, there are moments when we feel it hangs in there just a wee bit longer.. may be sympathizing in our sorrows, reminiscing us those unforgettable moments or pausing to give us an encouraging pat..

People might say.. Awesome dude!. Life settle ho gaya hai ab to.. IIM ki degree.. Cool Job.. Nice City.. Decent package.. Well.. Hold on u fools..! It never meant and would probably never mean anything to me.. It was not about the million dollar degree at the end.. It was all about the moments you live to achieve the degree.. It was not about the settled life thereafter.. It was all about the emotions of an unsettled life these 2 yrs.. It was never about making PPT's to get marks.. It was all about having a full night of fun making it.. It was not about Bday GPL's.. It was all about kicking the one's you love and loving the one's you kick..

When I sit down and pack my bags.. I reflect back.. I know, that a part of me would always remain back..
May be in the Old Hostel hearing a Bawraa...
May be in the Open Houses offering an explanation..
May be in the Basketball court running in to bowl..
May be in BB waiting for CCBC's..
May be in one of those Group I meets..
May be in a DiG shouting "Prem ki Nayya"..
May be in Nagu's room drinking Tea..
May be..

As I pen this down, I notice an everlasting silence around and an occasional roll down of a tear drop.. Never seen this Awesome bunch of 66 lost for words.. For Once.. Silence today is more golden than words..

For all the surprises and uncertainties that tomorrow might hold.. for all the fame and money that I might earn.. for all the power and positions that future may endow upon me.. if you ask me to trade it all for a few more days here.. I might.. I just probably might..

Miss u all!.. Cheers.. All is Well.. Hawwww.. Hullo... IIMS rocks.. And ya.. Self AMB!



esha said...

no words...
just no words...

KayP said...

achha likhiss...pel diya bhai...

@eshan NI-SHABD and all :P

Anurag said...

dream on bhai !