Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Nostalgia - Part 2

Yet another routine day in office.. Yet another day in which you ask your inner self what's it that you want to do... Well.. May never be able to offer an explanation to those..
Just as I picked up my laptop and typed out the url www.facebook.com.. my eyes were fixated on my diary... Been ages since I've penned down something.. In fact nothing since the last day of college..I picked it up.. Read the last bullshit that I'd scribbled down.. And then.. Re-read it.. My mind raced back in time.. So thought would just post it..

March 27th 2011..

No more will I pull myself out of bed and curse its 10:30 and just missed breakfast.. No more will I trek upto RN1 and look around for a seat in the last row.. No more will I look at the clock agonizingly and hope it moves its ass fast.. No more will there be cat calls and frolic during snack hours.. No more will we have those endless bakars all through the night.. No more,,,

I've always fathomed how unpredictable destiny's plot is.. leading people of varied culture and ambitions.. of distinct backgrounds.. into a pool of common thought, giving them an opportunity to explore a mystique environment, full of unadulterated fun.. a paradise called IIMS.. And before u could realize its been 2 years since the journey started.. And I bet none among the awesome 66 would have seen such a roller coaster ever in their lives..

From a personal stand point, I've never had an ambition in life.. Take it as it comes and make a killing when what u like exists is the way its always been.. But I knew, that the best of times were spent when u are flocked by buddies.. The only motivation for me to chuck a decent job and jump into the "Yippee.. I'm gonna be a college student again Bandwagon!".. And believe me.. Its been worth it.. And worth its weight in Gold (Yep!.. I am from Stud C and Money matters! :) ).. As experience would have taught, freshers would learn it after their interns..

There have been far too many moments which would eat up pages to list down.. Footsteps.. those Crazy QT classes!.. Saumya's "I have a dream" act.. Eco Lectures.. The Cherrapunji Trip.. Stud C selection.. The lush green golf lawns.. Chicken pox outbreaks.. Stuttering Interns.. Noisy Open houses.. RannBhoomis.. We We.. Footsteps again.. TMI Classes.. Typhoid Outbreaks.. Salsa and Dance classes.. Diwali Celebs.. The final placements.. Kopda cup.. Farewell.. Gagan getting placed finally. The joy and memories attached have been far too many.. The late night walks to the flagpost.. Sipping up Chai during breaks.. random late night bakars.. Addressing Juniors.. Well.. I'd bloody miss them all..

But something that I'd proudly take to my grave would be my being a part of DiG.. And the last DiG is still vivid.. Hugging each other and not wanting to let go.. How I wish time froze forever then.. Time doesn't pause for anyone.. But then, there are moments when we feel it hangs in there just a wee bit longer.. may be sympathizing in our sorrows, reminiscing us those unforgettable moments or pausing to give us an encouraging pat..

People might say.. Awesome dude!. Life settle ho gaya hai ab to.. IIM ki degree.. Cool Job.. Nice City.. Decent package.. Well.. Hold on u fools..! It never meant and would probably never mean anything to me.. It was not about the million dollar degree at the end.. It was all about the moments you live to achieve the degree.. It was not about the settled life thereafter.. It was all about the emotions of an unsettled life these 2 yrs.. It was never about making PPT's to get marks.. It was all about having a full night of fun making it.. It was not about Bday GPL's.. It was all about kicking the one's you love and loving the one's you kick..

When I sit down and pack my bags.. I reflect back.. I know, that a part of me would always remain back..
May be in the Old Hostel hearing a Bawraa...
May be in the Open Houses offering an explanation..
May be in the Basketball court running in to bowl..
May be in BB waiting for CCBC's..
May be in one of those Group I meets..
May be in a DiG shouting "Prem ki Nayya"..
May be in Nagu's room drinking Tea..
May be..

As I pen this down, I notice an everlasting silence around and an occasional roll down of a tear drop.. Never seen this Awesome bunch of 66 lost for words.. For Once.. Silence today is more golden than words..

For all the surprises and uncertainties that tomorrow might hold.. for all the fame and money that I might earn.. for all the power and positions that future may endow upon me.. if you ask me to trade it all for a few more days here.. I might.. I just probably might..

Miss u all!.. Cheers.. All is Well.. Hawwww.. Hullo... IIMS rocks.. And ya.. Self AMB!


Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Well.. Been 9 months since this MBA journey has started. When I put down my onsite offers to be here, there was not much that I wanted to achieve.. 2 yrs of break from work.. Some frolic.. Some fun.. As I reflect back, the fact that almost a half of this journey is over makes me wonder if I could cling onto the arms of time and make it gallop a little slower.. Lifez indeed calling.. And I am here..

Seems just yesterday that we all were here.. possessing a purity.. Untouched by the rigours of an MBA.. As McEnroe would put it.. 'U cannot be Serios', it all did kickstart @ Footsteps.. the amazing rollercoaster induction program.. Sandwitched between tons and tons of sustainability gyan, we all did oblige to Richard Branson.. Lost our Virginity.. and embarked on a journey that might well mean a lot to most of us than the final destination as such..

Still remember the first term, when people used to PREREAD to come to the class.. Well.. ask them now.. Lapada khaoge!!... Then followed the dreaded DP's.. Daku's Ghaziabad n Goel Ishtores obsession.. those first few ppt's when one used to be nervous.. Kopda cups and filling up of Hospital beds.. Brand comm n Place comm wars.. Those first term exams when we USED TO STUDY.. Well.. wish I could turn the clock back..

COme term 2.. DIG forms.. Possibly the best thing to happen!.. Constrained to divulge details.. but still.. From those vodka highs.. to yelling Kurbaan Hua's.. to those walks after intoxications.. to those no holes barred discussions.. well.. Dis Izz Gawd level..!
Living amidst through nights for Golf preps... subsequent loot of bounties.. Amidst Biscious and Daankey Phellaws.. Canvas' musings.. Leavel's and Market will Reject U's.. the term just breezed through..

Pit stop 3.. Bring it on Time.. Screams in the Ranbhoomi's den.. God's double.. Of Chicken poxes and Insect bites.. Of bickerings and batterings.. Of absentees and Subdued moods.. accusations and counter allegations.. tears and smiles.. therz no full stop.. Dark clouds may loom large. The beauty, that is nature never lies in a shrouded grey cloud.. Its the expectation of a piercing sunray that holds you in hope..

Over the past few months there have been far too many Q moments.. those late night TT's, Lajong FC matches.. Open houses and Placecom addresses..Those Stud C meeting bakars.. Lapada's and GOG's..Group I treats and dances.. Holi's and Farewell's..GPL's and Bday Celebs.. BB's and CCBC's.. Cherrapunji Trips and IIMA rocks'.. Baba's choorans and Nagu's teas.. Spams and addas.. Ranbhoomis and kopdas..Hawwwws and Hulloos... Smirnoffs and Antiquities.. stormings and normings.. Life indeed has come one full cirle.. or should I say half a circle..! ( 1 more yr 2 go :))

There are certain things that change with time.. DP's have vanished..Dude n me have sat in the first bench.. Uma tries to be serious.. Joshi has a fear of substitute (Bhuchung :) , no longer hear Bawraas.. No longer study for exams.. Unity gets questioned.. But then.. there are things times can't change.. Esha's still all of 4 feet tall and comes late 2 class, Her roomie's an inch shorter :), Divisha's obsession with Pasta's.. Veena paati will remain a paati.. Guys rushing into synapse posts on a name remotely female.. Nagu's hisses!!..

Amidst the power shut down and All IZZ WELL rumblings on my corridor as I sit and hit away on my Lappie.. I do realize life has changed.. There have been a melange of emotions.. From triumph.. to despair.. to frustrations.. to agonies.. to ecstasies..

Lifez all about celebrating when on a high, talking it out with someone when u feel a lil down, and reaching out when u feel someone needs u.. IIMS has given it all.. Awesomeness it indeed is!!.. Awesome 66 it indeed is.. To borrow SRK and OSO.. Picture abhi bakhi hai mere dost!! :)

For all those anonymous posts and gimmicks.. do come forth.. and give the system a chance.. to explain and set things in order.. And if u still find reason enough to revolt.. I've got 4 words for u.. just.. TAKE IT AND GO..

PS: Rana.. if u do read this..!! Don't sue me for ur patent..!! :) ..


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Grumblings of a Backbencher..!

It was one of those usual nights, and I was just back from my group meeting. The clock showed 2:45 am. I grabbed a cup of tea from LV’s room. The climate was inviting enough for a walk. Falling for the temptation, I pulled my Jerkin and moved over... all alone. Submitting the term paper and getting prepared for the presentations were the least of my worries. I never really mind and it does not really matter. My pondering was over the week’s timetable which read 4 QT sessions. I wanted to scream hard.. For Heavens sake!.. Show me some mercy..! Half my hatred stems from my aversion for the subject and the rest half for the moron [Mr.P] who teaches it. Its already 3 am.. and am off to sleep.

After repeated snoozings, my mobile reads 8:42 am. Why does it have to dawn so early! :( Grabbing a bite, I reach the class @ 09:03 am. P gives u that sickening look... Late Again!.. I was cool with it. Knew anyway that EA who sits besides me wudn’t have come. She runs in @ 09:05 am weaing that “Sorry! Won’t be late anymore” look. That it would take an eternity for her to be on time is another chapter altogether :)

The class gets underway. People check out their 2 important belongings. A pen drive with their presentations and the text book. My definitions of essentials for the class is diametrically distinct. One.. My fastrack watch. Yup! Watching the second’s hand tick is my favourite pastime. And two.. My cellphone. To crosscheck if my watch is showing the right time.Of course, therez the wall clock to add spice to my interests. But when the class gets underway, my prized possessions- the time pieces drool along like a man parched for water in Sub Saharan Africa.

Listening to the class makes me sleepy. So I let my thoughts wander. I suddenly remember my friend UM talking about how he fathoms looking at a “Cutie” during QT.:).. I gauge his musings. And suddenly I turn around. I find people putting up their hands. Some of my batchmates are also among the lot. This is not very uncommon considering the fact that people aim to gain attention to score brownie points. And suddenly Mr.P asks one of my batchmates to come forward. And then.. all my batchmates stand up. I take a little time to realize wats going on. I get a sense of the impending disaster. Then I give that infuriated look. “What!.. U people put up ur hands so that our group could go there and present!..” Please don’t do this to me. Bachche ki jaan mat lo yaar..:(

But the damage was already done. I walk up to the stage. Therez a mini conference within our group. I put my foot forward and say “ Am doing the case summary. U guys take care of the analysis.” They say IIMS is a great leveller. VN and AMR pat my back and say.. Stay off limits dude. We’re doing the summary.! A mini volcano erupts and we finally decide that myself, VN and AMR will keep mum and the rest three would do the presentation!. Talk of a bargain!.That’s a windfall for me! Coup of sorts really.

The presentation gets over and am back to my seat. As usual lost in thoughts. Wherez life leading me? How on earth am I going to clear this paper? I turn to my left. I find KS caricaturing. But I know hez a whiz kid. He’d find his way through this mess. Then I look right. I find EA immersed with something. I find her doing some painting. Gives me some hope. Even shez not listening to the class. Then I turn backwards. I find “The Dude K” stealing the words from my mouth.”Hey Dude.. Why do u even bother to look at me. I’m the captain of ur sinking ship”. Machan.. Ni en uyir Nanban da. Talk of Hope!. I’d trust u more than Ben Bernanke whoz supposed to pull America out of recession. We’l definitely form the bottom 2.

All of a sudden, my fastrack shows 10:12 am. I begin the countdown. 3 mins to go. 180.. 179..178................... 3..2..1. Just as I thought the ordeal was over and eagerly await the break, a hand goes up in the air and one of our esteemed participants do a DP*. “Sir!. How can u say that the non parametric test is wrong!”. I was exasperated. “WTF!”. Does it even matter if something called a Non Parametric test existed? Don’t get on my nerves man!. For heaven’s sake somebody tell him the time is 10:15!. I’d gone bonkers by this time. Now.. A flurry of hands go up. More DP’s follow. How I wished I could be convicted for the umpteen number of murders I wanted to commit at that instant! The ignominy of being made to sit through the break makes me mad!. I sit back and realize. Zindagi mein number kamane ke do tareekey hote hain.
Ek DP.. Doosra ACDP*!!.. :)
End of story!..
*DP : Means desparate participation for my Non IIM frnz.
*ACDP is a trademark variant of the same.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Roger and Out??

There was once an albatross.. Personified in dynamic soaring, scaling heights hitherto unheared of, swooping down on its prey, exhibiting a ruthlessness that was savage... yet so graceful..Its reign on top was unchallenged.. A flight record so unblemished.. The skies went silent.. Not wanting to meddle with its mantle..
But the universe is witness to paradigm shifts of power centres.. And times can be brutal..The weather suddenly started seeming nebulous.. And then, there was a flash.. a lightning one.. Accompanied by a deafening thunder... A genesis was born... Call him Genesis or the Albatross' nemesis...Ya Fed... Your reign is under challenge...

Anybody who had been engrossed in the epic battle downunder would have been stumped, watchin the Swiss king's hard court supremacy being dethroned.As a matter of fact,during a pre match interview Sampras,Mcenroe,Laver,Borg , all legends of the game predicted a Fedex victory. Little did they know, he was to be denied that night.

Rafael Nadal is the Man of the moment. His Wimbledon victory,dismissed as a flash in the pan, it took him this victory, a statement, to prove his detractors otherwise. This, after playing the longest australian open match in the semis
less than 40 hrs ago.No wonder hez called 'The perpetually moving human wall' which keeps returning whatever is thrown at it with equal force and it has brute written all over it. Dispelling notions of him getting physically bruised,he gave Roger a mental bruising.

Tennis has a rich history of great rivalries. Mcenroe-Borg,Edberg-Becker,Sampras-Agassi and now Nadal-Federer.The greatness of the game lies in the richness and variety that these rivalries bring along with them.Mcenroe's tantrums to Borg's Icy coolnes, Edberg's textbook backhand to Becker's booming serves,Sampras' volleys to Agassi's returns and now Federer's grace to Rafa's power.Viewers have always enjoyed their money's worth.

But the magnitude of this occasion was epitomised by what happened as soon as the match got over.Federer,overcome by emotions, broke down. Those were tears not for his loss.Those were tears not for his inability to win. Those were tears which eulogized his conquerer. So true.. Sport can be so cruel..But then.. Where would beauty be without cruelty?.

Fedex may be jinxed at 13 grand slams.. Whether the jinx is the numeral 13 or Nadal, is something that time would tell.But is the time ripe enough to say "Roger and out"??..Certainly not!!..

Monday, January 5, 2009

Hitz n Misses -> '08'

Yet another year passes by.. A year of bruised economies, of Chinese sporting prowess, of terrorism at its devilish worst, of broken promises and pleasant surprises....... It brings with it the hope tho', that the future would certainly be better. Here's my list of who hit the target n who missed out..

Hits! n Heroes!

* Ratan Tata :

Because he made the world take stock of nano.
Because his punchline "Afterall a promise is a promise" meant, nano stayed a 1 lac car.
Because our former colonial rulers will now buy "Indian Owned" Jaguar Landrovers.
Because Phoenix Taj rose back from the ashes
Because hez the embodiment of a never say die Indian spirit.
Because hez Ratan Tata !

* Barrack Hussain Obama

A paradigm shift in the attitude of the American Public, to rise above racial lines meant Obama would be the first African American US President. Backed by a inspirational theme "The Change we need", he penetrated republican heartlands. The Americans swayed to the Pied Piper's tunes and his victory speech was the bottomline.."America will never be a collection of Red and Blue states. It always was.. and will be, the United States ".

* The Olympics

The Olympics saw its finest manifestation under the Dragons.The proceedings were mystifying. The world gaped in awe. The Chinese thumped the American dominance, establishing a new world order. Lightning Bolt and Blitzkrieg Phelps in action, set the records tumbling.True to its motto "One world, One dream", the success was of Olympic propotions.

* Abhinav Bindra

The toast of a billion people. A golden shot, that brought home the all elusive Gold medal. A salute, for providing us with the rare spectacle of our National flag being raised , punctuated by our national anthem on the background. A salute for providing us the goosebumps, that accompanied the same.

* Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar

Because Mt.Everest felt inferior to his world record pile of runs.
Because the Aussies were shown "Whoz the Boss ! ".
Because he provided the Chennai crowd, its long standing due. A century in a run chase.
Because hez Mr.Humility.
Because he still makes us skip a heartbeat when hez at the crease !

* Akshay Kumar

The Jubilee Kumar of the industry has fnally come of age. Helped by the dumbness of a generation who lapped up his supposed Magnum Opus, "Singh is Kinng", he stormed the once impregnable fortress at the top, that was King Khan.A burgeoning paycheck weathering the dreaded recession means, hez here to stay.

* Chandrayaan

India's scientific prowess was on display in its full flight. A nation rejoiced, as we joined a select band of The Elite, capable of futuristic technologies.

* Nuke Deal

Weathering many a storm, the Nuke deal stormed many a weather to finally find light at the end of the tunnel.As for the communists... Well.. Time waste.. Better move on to the next section folks!!..

Misses! n Zeroes !

* Sensex

The Bulls lost steam and the Bears ran riot. A constant bloodbath ensured that the bellwether index lost 52% by the year end. A return to yesteryears with FD's providing better returns.!

* Satyam

This Elephant slung mud onto itself. A blunder whose repercussions may signal that Satyam will never be the same again. Stakeholder fury reminded the Raju's, who runs the show. And then.. The World Bank struck a near fatal blow.
Result : A Reputation and Credibility badly battered.

* The Indian Hockey Team

A pathetic performance meant that Hockey @ Olympics won't have India for the first time since it inception. Time to stem the Rot.... But do we start from scratch??..

*The Hadron Collider Experiment

CERN's attempts at recreating the Big-Bang theory flopped. A helium leak ensured that the project would be set back by a considerable time.

* Terrorism

Mumbai reeled, as terrorism struck.. right at India's heart. A nation watched helplessly as the hostage seige lasted a full 72 hrs. Mumbaikars would certainly remember this year.. Not for the way it had been.. But for the way it had not been.

* The Australian Cricket team

Because their feet were grounded finally.
Because they realised the rule of nature.. Whatever goes up.. must come down.
Because unlike the Golden Age Windies, the aussies were never admired.
Because therez no Gilly,Mcgrath or Warney anymore.
Because Punter is finally getting his due.
Because Down under, they were down and under...

On a parting note, A salute to our heroes Omble,Karkare,Sandeep and others who laid down their lives for a nation's cause.

Cheers for a happy new year.Live life to the fullest. Explore, inspire, smile, Admire, imagine and do take good care.. Tschus...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Software saint and some IT gyan..

Before I start let me make certain things clear.. I am the self proclaimed software saint as in the title..As for the Gyan.. Read on..!!

To start with.. Setting : Just after a meeting..

Me : Defect Reductions, Targets, Process improvements.. Man.. Too much stuffed into the same meeting...Sure... But quite informative..
Arun : Dai.. Welcome slide pota apove thoongnavan thane da ni...
Me : Vidu Machi.. Ipdi build up vita than juniors nammala madhipanga..
Bhai : Naan kuda oru second aadi poiten da. Enaku thoongi company kudukra ore aalu ipdi elam pesa aramichtane nu.. Thanks for uphelding my belief machi..!!..

There's one thing I always liked about good for nothing meetings.U needn't spend cash for sleeping pills.Just sit back and enjoy a wonderful trip down memory lane, right back to your kindergarten sleeping hours.

Back to my cubicle now..Me, browsing through my outlook.
One unread mail.. marked high importance..

Dear developer,
Bugs have been reported for the subject task.
kindly do the needful.

Before I could turn back,
Arun : De Maapi.. elam inga vanga da.. Thalaivaruku mail la oru gift vandruku..
Me : (Well u can imagine my worked up face at this instance!! )
Arun : Moraikadha da.. Un thunbatha share panlame nu than elathayum kupten..
Bhai : Ivan meeting mudinju overa pesnna apove nenachen da.. Ivunuku oru periya aapu iruku nu..
Me : Ada paavi.. Company kudukra nanban nu dialog elam viteye da..
Arun : Adu sari. First attachment open panu.. evlo bug nu pakalam..
Me : Double clicking the attachment..!
Bhai : Enada... 2 lines description irukum nu patha oru essay ve eludhi vechurkanga!!
Me : Gasping for air and frantically scrolling down the pages..
Final count : 29 bugs !!Crestfallen..!
Arun : Target exceed pananum nu un kita sonnadhu thapa poche da.. Ni gethu machi..
Dept. target single task la exceed panita da..
Me : Hm.. Bug vandadu kuda prachanai ilai da.. Ivan elam pesra alavuku naan vanduten pathiya.. Romba feelinga iruku da..

Well.. end of a typical day.. Don't ask me what happened in the bug analysis after that.. I believe blogspot provides me limited storage space :)

Being somebody from the Mechanical Background, having gotten used to practical ideologies, the transformation into a world seemingly virtual has not been easy.infact i'd say the transformation has never happened. But then I'd have equal reasons to grumble had I been in some Toyota Shopfloor managing inventories!! :)
Atleast the rhetoric is a little tone down here..!!.. Come on guys.. I do have ample A/c and some good birdwatching to cool down my nerves. I meant the serene wallpapers on my desktop u morons!! :)

Now back to the present..

Me : Enada idhu.. Virtual Memory nu solranga.. Adula store agudu nu solranga.
Bhai : Thats simple da.. Virtual memory is something which gives an impression that it has contiguous working memory, while infact it may be physically fragmented....
I swear, he stopped abruptly on seeing my face......
Me: Dai.. Apdiye odi poidu.. Just before i could find something to hit u..

Software does give you some valuable lessons though. One such is to bridge the age old hierarchial differences through effective communications.But even that is a subjective natural resource that might command over exploitation.But the best lesson that i've derived is..
No matter how rigid or complicated things may be, it will always boil down to one's and zero's.
(Romba yosika venam)..!!
The one's who can improvise and the zero's who trust copy paste..
I never bother if I draw a blank. I know.
"Picture Abhi bakhi hai mere dost"!!:)

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Youngisthan Meri Jaan

Yeh hai Youngisthan Meri Jaan..!!.. Gen Next..!!

Catch this...It so happened that I was attending the 60th wedding anniversary of one of my relatives.. As was expected things were panning out the 'Gen Past' way..!! Traditional!!.. Pretty much used to the setup, I was watchin the proceedings. A 4 yr old kid suddenly moved up to the couple in spotlight n asked "Grandma. Wherez the party?? ".. -(English pesunada paathu yaarum tension aga venam!.. Hez the son of a typical NRI(Never returning Indian.. to borrow the swades jargon!! ))
Hey kutti.. Party thane da.. Inum konja nerathul elathukum saapadu vandudum da.. was the granny's unassuming reply.. The kid rebuked.. Thats the marriage party.. I asked bout the kissing party..!!.. Quite a few were shocked.. some shell shocked.. I could very well see the vambu paati's doin a round of whispering.. Podi payyanuku pecha paru..!!.. Well.. hold on oldies.. Gen next has arrived!!..:)

Pretty simple to point the point accross..ain't it.. I was immersed in a thought.. where does that leave me.. Even I was equally shocked by d kid's remark.. Shall I jump into the kid's bandwagon n claim Yo man.. Gen next for u!!.. or sit back n ponder.. Nothings like it used to be..!!

Infact it's a tad difficult to associate oneself with the way things taking shape now.Riding back a few years, of all the childhood memories I have, I for one was a sports freak.Sweating it out in the ground. Cricket the eternal fantasy, topping it all.Those mighty sixers which broke window panes and subsequent rush to abscond from the place were all too jolly to forget. From the dungeons playing TT, to the basketball courts, n playing galleries and badminton under flood lights.. fun needed no explaining.. Speak of fun to a few kids now. Al that they wud have on offer might be unlimited gyan on some goddamn computer games..

A 3 yr old cousin of mine walks upto me n asked.. unga kita AOE 3 CD iruka?.. It took me time to realise that he meant Age of Empires.. I thought.. Dai!.. Age of empires ku spelling theriyuma da unaku!!.. Ni elam pesra!!.. Lets face it guys.. Gen next rite!!.. :)

By cornering people to the computer screen the chip revolution has succeded in killing creativity. SO obsessed are kids with technologies that the day is not far off when they'd need a calculator to muster what a 25+47 might add upto.. Speak of technology feeding ur bodies.. Nobody cares if it starves ur souls..

Lifez moving on an all too fast lane..No wonder people say u need to keep running to stay at the same place.. No wonder if a husband and wife stay together its a joint family now..No wonder Pepsi says Sachin is too old for its commercials.. No wonder neighbours, upon seeing us have started sayin "Hey mama paru.. while fondling their babies!!.. A far cry from the Anna Paru terminology used not mush before!!".. No wonder i'm struggling hard to finish off this blog now!! :)

Food for thought : In the same vein I do wonder, when Gen next calls all the shots, why is India's youth minister 72??!!
Well.. I still can't claim its "Youngisthan meri jaan"..
But it certainly is "Hindusthan meri Jaan"..!!